Fintech Accelerator


Welcome to the CAFE!  

CAFE Fintech Accelerator Program Spring Cohort will be held for 10 weeks from March 25, 2024 to June 1, 2024. CAFE’s hybrid-virtual program fits into a founder’s busy schedule by providing coaching, connections, and community to help accelerate the growth of each fintech. We connect founders to mentors, industry leaders, financial institutions, investors and other organizations to provide opportunities for customers, partners, talent, and funding. Our program is equity-free and offered at no cost to fintechs.

Criteria for founders to apply:

Financial technology (fintech) company with a product built and in-market (some customer success), ready to scale to the next level. The product advances financial health & wellness for low- to moderate- income (LMI) and other underserved communities.

(Note: Applications are currently closed for the Spring 2024 cohort)

Spring Cohort Company Overview:

Muse Tax: Helps individual taxpayers and SMBs extract data from tax returns, maximize refunds, and get personalized financial insights through an AI-based, tax and financial module. Muse’s mission is to equip LMI and underserved communities with expert financial assistance, without the prohibitive cost, because financial wellness is the way to build generational wealth and their future depends on it. Founders: Colin Horsford and Busayo Ogunsanya  (

Nester: The first-ever tool to help homebuyers and homeowners avoid their #1 regret: unexpected costs of repairs and maintenance. These costs disproportionately affect LMI members of our community who are at a greater risk of losing their homes as a result of an unexpected repair. (

Founder: Brendan Kennealey (CEO); and Alex Walsh (CPO)

Parlay: Works with community banks and credit unions to get more underserved small businesses approved for loans. Parlay is focused on veteran-owned, women-owned, immigrant-owned, and black- and brown-owned small businesses, who disproportionately struggle with affordable access to capital. 

Founders: Alex McLeod (CEO) and Jay Long (COO) (

  • Stratyfy: Interpretable AI solutions enable financial institutions to make more accurate, efficient, and fair financial decisions in credit risk, fraud, and compliance. Stratyfy is on a mission to accelerate financial inclusion by providing greater transparency and less bias to critical financial decisions that impact millions of people.

  • Founder: Laura Kornhauser (CEO); and Liam Kenneally (BD) (

    Sunny Day Fund: Powers workplace emergency savings programs for people-first employers shining the light on financial well-being. By automating and incentivizing savings for workers in sectors like hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare, Sunny Day Fund removes barriers to banking and equitable wealth building. 

    Founder: Sid Pailla (CEO); and Rachel Fox (BD) (

    Wellthi: Helps people build wealth better together by equipping financial institutions with social community finance technology and payment solutions that foster financial health, credit readiness, and access to affordable capital directly through your mobile banking application. (

    Founder: Fonta Gilliam (CEO)