Welcome to the CAFE!  

CAFE Fintech Accelerator Program will be held for 10 weeks from March 25, 2024 to June 1, 2024. CAFE’s hybrid-virtual program fits into a founder’s busy schedule by providing coaching, connections, and community to help accelerate the growth of each fintech. We connect founders to mentors, industry leaders, financial institutions, investors and other organizations to provide opportunities for customers, partners, talent, and funding. Our program is equity-free and offered at no cost to fintechs.

Criteria for founders to apply:

1. Financial technology (fintech) company with a product built and in-market (some customer success) and ready to scale to the next level.

2. The product advances financial health & wellness for low- to moderate- income (LMI) and other underserved communities.

3. Founder is full-time and is committed to growing their business and impact.

4. Founder / company can be located anywhere in the United States, but is willing to travel to Delaware for at least 3 days during the program.

(Note: Applications are currently closed for the Spring 2024 cohort)

Program Benefits:

1. Connections for Sales and Funding: Access to a tailored network of seasoned fintech experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and financial institutions for product pilots, customers and funding opportunities.

2. Coaching for Actionable Growth: Our carefully curated curriculum is for real-world business growth, including customer acquisition, selling to large institutions, regulatory compliance, new technology innovation and more.

3. Collaborative Community: Join a vibrant ecosystem of diverse entrepreneurs and industry leaders and organizations, who are passionate about making a positive impact by creating innovative solutions for financial health inequities.

Resource Partners:
  • The Fintech Innovation Hub “center of excellence” provides access to industry and university leaders in cybersecurity, data information science, AI, small business on the STAR Campus of University of Delaware.
  •  GrowthStage Incubator, a co-working community and world-class space located in the Fintech Innovation Hub.
  • University of Delaware – Science Technology & Advanced Research Campus (STAR) expertise and resources (including the Data Science Institute)
  • American Fintech Council regulatory expertise & network
  • Discover Financial Health Improvement Fund – $36M to invest in fintechs
  • Small Business Development Center guidance and resources
  • And more!